30 Servings Dose Bag

Activate your mornings with:

+ 1500mg of Lion’s Mane + Chaga mushrooms (Double Extracted and 100% fruiting body) 
+ 4g of grass-fed Collagen (amino acids) 
+ 150mg of L-Theanine from Japan (reduce anxiety) 
+ A hint of organic, fair-trade coffee extract (39mg, very low acidity) (taste)

Immediate benefits:

+ Zen-like focus that lasts way longer than a normal coffee 
+ Increase happiness 
+ Unleash your creativity 
+ Better sleep
+ Gut health / Better digestion

Activate your mornings with your new routine today.

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No Sugar


There’s enough hidden sugar in the world. Everyday Dose comes unsweetened so you can customize to your liking.

Low Cal

20 Cal

Intermittent fasting? The general rule of thumb is to stay under 50 calories so you'll remain in a fasted state.



Supercharge your immune system. Improve memory and focus. Stimulate without the stress. Nature's medicine, delivered purely.

No Oats

Zero Grains or Filters

Unlike myceliated grain alternatives, our products contain absolutely no grains or starch fillers. Only 100% pure, organic fruting body mushrooms.

Doctor Approved


Over 150 practioners recommend and prescribe Everyday Dose to their clients.

Performance for any time of the day Performance for any time of the day Performance for any time of the day


Overcome brain fog and procrastination to stay focused


Reduce stress and anxiety to feel more at ease


Stay motivated to activate you mind and body

Why Dose?

Traditional coffee steals your energy.

Win your day back — using a blend of Lion's Mane, Chaga, Collagen, L-Theanine, and just a hint of coffee extract, you'll regain energy, stay focused, and get better ZZZs.

No hidden ingredients, no caffeine crash, just sustainable bliss. We use 100% organic real mushrooms + nootropics. Zero fillers or sweeteners. Less caffeine than a matcha.

The result is the perfect alchemy of a stimulant that also helps reduce anxiety.

How does a DOSE make you FEEL?

- Energetic without the jitters.

- Enhanced cognitive function.

- More confident.

Like a pegasus that just learned how to fly!

What does it TASTE like?

A light coffee with chocolatey notes. We never add sugar, so if you normally like black coffee you're good to go. Otherwise we recommend adding in milk, creamer, honey, maple syrup and/or other preferred accoutrements.

What are the BENEFTIS?

1) Stimulate Without The Stress

2) Strengthen Your Immune System

3) The Ultimate Brain Food

4) Better ZZZs

5) No More Coffee Bloat

6) You're Being Nice to Your Gut

Do I have to use milk?

Absolutely not. You can mix it with non-dairy milk or even just water.

We have found that most people enjoy it by adding in at least an espresso worth of hot water, followed by their favorite non-dairy milk of choice then using an electric frother to mix it.

Can I have more than 1x per day?

Yes! There's only 39mg of caffeine, which is about 3x less than a normal coffees. It even has LESS caffeine than a matcha.

It's got this perfect combination of a little bit up, but not jittery and can drink a bunch of them. About 50% people find 1x dose per day and another 50% drinking more than one because they just love the way it tastes and makes them feel.

Find what works best for you.

Your mornings, redesigned.

21 days from today we will check in to see how your New Morning Routine is going. Get ready for fully optimized days leaving more time for you!

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21-Serving - Starter Kit

+ Dose Mug
+ Handmade RefillableUltraviolet Glass Vessel
+ Gunmetal Dose Scooper
+ Two (2) Free *reusable* doses+

Month 2 - Resupply Bags

30-serving of Everyday Dose

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30 Servings Dose Bag